This course is ideal for you if you are interested in planning, organising and supervising building construction and maintenance work.
The course provides students with a sound understanding of the general and technical principles involved in construction processes.
This Programme is equally suitable for people already working in a professional support role in construction, or those wishing to take the first step in changing to a career in construction

Course Benefits

Full Tutor Support
Self paced, no fixed schedules
Available to students anywhere in the world
Interest Free Fee Instalments
Course Syllabus

This course consists of following units:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Construction Management

Unit 2 – Development and Organisation of Construction Projects

Unit 3 – Importance of Estimation in Construction Work

Unit 4 – Preliminary Investigations, Location and Site Selection

Unit 5 – Site Organisation

Unit 6 – Planning for Equipment

Unit 7 – Equipment Management

Unit 8 – Material Management

Unit 9 – Purchase and Storage Management

Unit 10 – Specialised Buying and Vendor Management

Unit 11 – Quality Controlling During Construction

Unit 12 – Human Resource Management

Unit 13 – Legal Aspects of Contract


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