Events Management is a highly dynamic, lucrative and rapidly growing industry as celebrations and events are integral part of human life. Organising a perfectly managed; well planned, well conducted and memorable events require supervision of a qualified event professional.
Course Details

This Event Management course introduces you to various disciplines required to become a professional in the events management industry. The course is designed to equip you with art of planning in door and our door large and medium size functions and gatherings. i.e. press conferences, charity fundraising events, sports, other social and religious festivals, birth day parties, weddings etc. The course covers , strategic planning, budgeting, event promotional techniques , marketing, event operations, organisational skills, human resource management and all that is required to work as a professional in event planning industry.

Course Benefits

• Full Tutor Support
• Self paced, no fixed schedules
• Available to students any where in the world

Course Syllabus:

This course consists of following units:
Unit 1 – An Introduction to Events
Unit 2 – Types of Event
Unit 3 – The Event Planning Process
Unit 4 – Steps in Planning in Event
Unit 5 – The Event Management Plan
Unit 6 – Contingency Planning
Unit 7 – Marketing and Customer Services
Unit 8 – Evaluating Events
Unit 9 – Starting and Running the Business


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