With the increasing level of prosecution for financial fraud, the demand for forensic accountants has been growing rapidly.

BOLC Diploma in Forensic Accounting has been designed to provide knowledge, skills and professional insight necessary to handle the challenges of investigating fraud and other aspects of white collar crime and financial disputes.

The course concentrates on the core skills required to identify, detect and prevent fraud. No previous knowledge in accounting is required to join this course. It means that the course is not restricted to chartered accountant. The programme is ideal for anyone who wishes to practice in the area of investigative and forensic accounting.

Course Benefits

• Full Tutor Support
• Self paced, no fixed schedules
• Available to students anywhere in the world

Course Syllabus:

This course consists of following units:
Unit 1 – Introduction to Forensic Accounting
Unit 2 – Crime and Economy
Unit 3 – Psychology of The Fraudster
Unit 4 – Fraud Detection Techniques
Unit 5 – The Investigative Process
Unit 6 – Gathering Evidence
Unit 7 – Obtaining & Evaluating Non-Financial Evidence
Unit 8 – Interviewing Financially Sophisticated Witnesses
Unit 9 – Fraud Risk Assessment
Unit 10 – Fraud Prevention
Unit 11 – Computer Crimes
Unit 12 – Working in A Forensic Team


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