This course provides a broad understanding of the interior design field. It focuses on the theory and processes of design as well as practice.
Course Details
This course prepares students to understand the wide variety of ideas, concepts and solutions to interior design projects. It gives understanding of the fundamental principles and elements of design theory, the effects of light and colour on interior spaces, solving spatial problems, understanding concepts like orientation, zoning and furniture arrangements, using graphic and verbal skills to present projects that accommodate a variety of human factors.

Course Benefits
Full Tutor Support
Self paced, no fixed schedules
Available to students any where in the world
Interest Free Fee Instalments

Course Syllabus

This course consists of following units:
Unit 1 – An Introduction to Interior Design
Unit 2 – Interior Design Decorating Principles
Unit 3 – Design Elements
Unit 4 – Room Elements
Unit 5 – Room by Room Designing
Unit 6 – The Client – Designer Relationship
Unit 7 – Planning Essentials
Unit 8 – Stages of a Project
Unit 9 – Starting up an Interior Design Business


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