Supply Chain Management is a system for managing the entire flow of information, materials, manufacturing and services from raw material suppliers through factories and ware houses to the end customer.

This course gives you a rounded view of the Logistics and supply chain management operations. Highlights of the course include; production processes, distribution channels, network designs, and performance management of supply chain.

Course Benefits

Full Tutor Support
Self Paced, No Fixed Schedules
Available to Students anywhere in the World

Course Syllabus

This course consists of following units:
Unit 1 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Unit 2 – Logistics in Supply Chain Management
Unit 3 – Logistics Strategy & Operations
Unit 4 – Planning & Sourcing Operations
Unit 5 – Procurement Operations
Unit 6 – Manufacturing & Delivery Operations
Unit 7 – Market Distribution in the Supply Chain
Unit 8 – Inventory Management
Unit 9 – Transport Management
Unit 10 – Warehousing & Material Handling
Unit 11 – Using Information Technology in Supply Chain
Unit 12 – Supply Chain Systems Design
Unit 13 – Supply Chain Performance Measurement


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