This Course is Designed For:

 Diversity and HR Practitioners;
 Diversity Professionals;
 HR Generalists;
 Line Leaders;
 Business Unit Heads;
 Management and Administrative Staffs;
 Anyone with responsibility for executing effective diversity principles in workplace.

Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives
By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:
 Distinguish between equal opportunities and diversity management;
 Demonstrate an understanding of the Equal Opportunities Legislation and its implications for organisational operation;
 Demonstrate their awareness of the bases for racial, ethnic and gender discrimination, focusing on the social identity perspective;
 Determine the organisational benefits of organisational diversity, on the bases of cost, resource acquisition, marketing, creativity & system flexibility;
 Develop awareness of the vital diversity factoids, useful to their organisation’s effective operation;
 Design a system by which organisational diversity will be managed;
 Devise a managed approach to organisational culture;
 Devise a strategy for the creation of a bias-free human resource management;
 Devise ways to encourage a ‘gender friendly’ work environment – manifest in a bias-free career & promotion system and reduction in work-family conflict;
 Demonstrate their understanding of ‘sentience’ as a basis for discrimination;
 Devise a system by which gender, racial and ethnic heterogeneity are promoted;
 Develop awareness of the de-moralising effect of ‘resonation’;
 Recognise resonation, taking the necessary steps to avert or prevent its reoccurrence;
 Demonstrate their ability to manage complaints and disciplinary systems in such a way that all opportunities for discrimination are removed
 Demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge of organisational diversity to reducing the likelihood of ‘sentience’;
 Apply their understanding of organisational diversity to promote a desirable level of cohesiveness, reducing the likelihood of ‘groupthink’;
 Demonstrate competence in ‘diversity counselling’;
 Demonstrate expertise in ‘relationship management’;
 Exhibit the ability to detect tendencies towards ‘sentience’ as a direct result of diversity;
 Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage in situations where sentience exists, progressing towards its elimination;
 Demonstrate their ability to formulate, implement and monitor an effective diversity policy.
 Demonstrate exceptional leadership in the management of a diverse workforce.

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