Disney’s Customer Service Excellence + FISH! – An in-house training workshop in customer service
When interacting with customers, there are many things that can go wrong. This in-house workshop uses a learn by doing approach to review every “Moment of Truth” where a customer has an opportunity to create an opinion about a company and what employees can do to manage these moments.
Participants will participate in an in-depth analysis of what makes excellent customer service, based on Disney’s strategic “Analyse, Fix / Improve, Measure” approach to customer service excellence. Upon completing the workshop, participants will walk away with:
The 10 Things that Disney would do differently is he ran your organisation
The 9 Principles of Service Excellence – How does Disney “DO” Customer Service?
The 6 Keys to the “Magic Kingdom”

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
Be inspired and motivated to shift their personal paradigm for Service Excellence
Consider your Company through the eyes of a Patient or Partner or Customer or Student
Learn the 3 vital ingredients to create a culture of innovation within your Company
Explore Disney’s Principles of Service Excellence and Continuous Improvement
Create the “perfect service” utilising Appreciative Inquiry Planning tools
Consider the relevance of breaking down silos in order to achieve customer experience excellence through the efficiency of Functional Teamwork
Complete a Self Audit of their own perceived Service competencies
Explore Professional Communication Tools to enhance Service levels
Consider the Service Principles of FISH! – the Award Winning DVD on Service Excellence


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