This two-day course is for experienced communicators who want to step up their presentation skills. Delegates will work towards making their small and large group presentations more dynamic and engaging.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

 Structure and deliver information so you get remembered
 Adapt your presentation to meet the needs of the audience
 Deliver dynamic presentations with confidence
 Deal with difficult people


Confident delivery:
Body language and confidence
Controlling nerves
Impromptu presentations

Structure your presentation:
Clarifying your message
Structure to use when sharing information
Structure to use when solving a problem
Structure to use when persuading others

Opening with a bang

Get your message across clearly:
Making people listen
Making your presentation interesting
Using psychology to get your message across

Engage your audience:
Who are your audience and what do they want?
Asking rhetorical and real questions
Answering questions

Dealing with difficult people

Finishing with flare


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