This change management seminar seeks to empower corporate and operational managers, and change agents, in particular, to manage the change process effectively.

 While I am aware of their general popularity, this is not just another change management seminar. It is a change management seminar with major differences, the first of which is the fact that the one on offer is research-driven.
 For example, the concept of ‘change acceleration’ is new, emerging out of Prof. Dr. Crawford’s empirical research. The ‘Dynamics of Organisational Change Management’ is the first change management seminar in which ‘change acceleration’ is discussed.
 Delegates of this change management seminar will, therefore, benefit from the new knowledge and expertise that this seminar guarantees, improving their value to their organisations, as they strive towards acquiring and, or, maintaining their competitive advantage.
 They will benefit immensely from the expertise of Dr. Crawford, as a senior academic, consultant and trainer.
 The delegate activities of the seminar are carefully designed to ensure that the objectives of this change management seminar are achieved.
 They are based on sound principles of learning and development, taking individual variants into account.
 These activities also address the levels of competence that delegates achieve, and will be measured continuously throughout the seminar, with a view to enhancing their improvement.

We offer very attractive discount for groups of 3 and more people, from the same organisation, taking the same course. This discount is between ten percent (10%) and thirty three percent (33%), depending on the group size. Even with these discounts, we can also deliver courses for groups in the country of your choice.

Courses are delivered in over 30 Cities including Miami, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Milan, Caracas, Manila, Manama.

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