Telesales Training is right in our sweet spot. We provide practical solutions for Sales People at all experience levels, ideal for those who need to create more opportunities and improve their confidence with effective skills they can apply straight away.

Our highly acclaimed telesales training exploits the areas that have the biggest impact on your performance. We’ve designed practical workshops which include post-training exercises to help drive the techniques home, embedding the new skills for sustained improvements in sales performance. We can tailor our content and deliver your training at any location to an unlimited number of attendees.

Before we deliver your training in-house we provide pre-training questionnaires to your team that help us further identify skill gaps, challenges and confidence issues. Doing this guarantees they are addressed during your training. We’ll independently review your teams answers and use them to further ensure your telesales training delivers on every level. We also offer exceptional standard courses.

We don’t do theory. Our telesales training is packed full of genuine examples and our workshops are designed to ensure every delegate gets involved. We have absolutely no reservations about rolling our sleeves up, leading from the front and we’ll even make live calls in front of, and with your team.

Our telesales training includes post-training exercises that help sales people focus on implementing key skills after completing their training. That means better returns on your investment. We offer Management handovers and coaching skills training to Sales Managers who want to achieve the full potential of every player on their team. Our Telesales training also goes hand in hand with our LinkedIn Training For Sales People

When we work with you to deliver in-house telesales training we’ll include 6 months post-training support. For you that means objective advice from your trainer is only ever a call or email away.


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