Workshop Title: Effective Time Management

Who Should Attend:

Are you juggling priorities at breakneck speed? Bostik today works in a fast paced environment where everybody is working to tight deadlines in order to deliver on customer expectations. More time is something that we would all like. This workshop is suitable for any member of staff seeking to successfully develop their time management skills as a means of improving workplace performance.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending this workshop learners will –

• Be able to organise themselves better on a day to day basis
• Be able to plan for short / medium and long term tasks and projects
• Be familiar with the barriers to good time management
• Work smarter not harder
• Learn tools and techniques to schedule priorities
• Recognise procrastination and how to motivate yourself


• Tutor and learner introductions, contents, style, Action Plans
• Clearly defined outcomes and outcome based thinking
• Taking control of your outcomes
• Efficient v Effective
• Barriers to managing your time effectively
• Time Thieves and how to deal with them effectively
• Managing interruptions and requests
• Procrastination and mastering the mundane
• Urgent v important – prioritise your workload!
• Pareto analysis 80/20 rule
• Motivating Self
• Time management case study / exercises to assist learning
• Completion of Personal Action Plans
• Workshop Review and Evaluation

Duration: 09:00 – 16:15

Pre Workshop Preparation: Consider your work load over the last month – identify and document the three main Time Thieves that you have encountered.

Post Workshop Activity: Book an appointment with your manager to discuss the learning points from your Personal Action Plan.


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