This seminar is uniquely designed as a tool-box that provides an insight into the variety of energy optimisation topics – offers the knowledge of the Best Practices in energy and prepares the refinery energy managers, process engineers and technical staff involved in energy and the top management’s energy sponsors for their important roles.

Refinery energy efficiency is a multidisciplinary subject. It involves process operations, the utility system, the equipment, power generation, housekeeping, process control, retrofit design, advanced thermodynamic concepts such as Pinch Technology, and effective management. A comprehensive energy saving program that pushes a refinery to the forefront of energy efficiency and profitability must incorporate all these disciplines.

The seminar will feature:

– Lectures, tutorials and group work in all areas of refinery energy efficiency
– Real-life Case Studies that illustrate technical solutions and obtainable benefits
– Transfer of instructor’s extensive hands-on industrial experience
– Use of basic energy software tools that will be made available to participants
– Open discussion on actual problems in participant’s own refinery


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