This Course is Designed For:

Accounting and Finance Specialists;
Fund Holders;
Revenue Managers;
Fund Managers;
Cost Accountants;
Management Accountants;
Financial Planners;
Cost Analysts;
Sole Proprietors;
Anyone from non-financial disciplines who is interested in learning business finance management.

Duration: 6 Days
By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, participants will be able to demonstrate a heightened understanding of the following subjects, concepts, and issues:

Part 1: Escrow Account Management

Defining Escrow;
Types of Escrow:
Prohibition to Commingle Funds by an Escrow Agent;
How Does Escrow Works?;
Who Chooses the Escrow?;
Benefits of Escrow Account;
Items that are Held in Escrow;
Establishing an Escrow Account(s): Requirements;
Tips in Preparing for a Trouble-Free Escrow Process;
Requirements for the Timely Deposit of Escrow Account;
Escrow Management;
Escrow Costs;
Escrow Funds;
Escrow Accounting;
Escrow Rules;
Escrow Analysis;
Closing Statement, Definition.

Part 2: Bank Account Management

Bank Account: Definition:
Types of Bank Account:
Secrecy of Bank Deposit;
Money Laundering.

Part 3: Credit Management

The Role of Credit and It’s Importance in the Economy;
Capital and Credit;
The Development of Consumer and Export Credit;
Secured and Unsecured Credit;
Information Technology;
External Services;
Credit Management as a Profession;
The Financial Effects of Credit Management.

Part 4: Letters of Credit

Principles of Letter of Credit;
Letter of Credit and International Trade;
How Letter of Credit Works?;
Parties to a Letter of Credit:
Types of Letter of Credit:
Sample Letter of Credit;
When to Use letter of Credit;
Things to Consider in Applying for a Letter of Credit:
Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) 600.

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