Updated for 2014, this popular 2-day technical course, presented by a leading expert in wireless technology, provides a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of modern RF and wireless communications engineering. The course begins by discussing basic RF characteristics, including electromagnetic waves, transmission lines and free-space propagation. Key terms defined include RF power (dBm), characteristic impedance and S-parameters. Modulation is then described, first fundamental concepts followed by increasingly complex (but important) methods such as QAM, CDMA and OFDM. The course then defines basic RF building blocks (mixers, oscillators, filters and power amplifiers etc.) describing how these are combined to form complete RF systems. The course concludes by defining important test and measurement terms and methods used to characterise RF component and system performance. This includes a series of practical demonstrations using modern RF test and measurement instruments. Throughout the course, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask the instructor questions to help clarify understanding.


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