Full day course, 09:30 to 17:30. £375.00 (£312.50 plus VAT)

Delivered in London, Leeds and Manchester this course will give you a thorough grounding in GDPR and what it means for any organisation handling personal data, whether in the public or private sectors.

As well as giving you good knowledge of GDPR overall, it also focuses on key aspects of GDPR that are critically important to get right, including the new and enhanced rights of data subjects, the principle of accountability, and the new data protection impact assessments.

Through a combination of presentations, exercises, group work and Q&A sessions this course will give you practical, applicable tools and information that you can use to ensure your organisation is compliant with GDPR by May 2018.

The focus of the course is very much on giving you resources and support, rather than a purely legal or academic understanding of the GDPR, but also aims to bring good information governance to life and impress on all attendees its value to any organisation that wishes to achieve future success.

Split into morning and afternoon sessions, the course covers:

An overview of the GDPR, and the key differences with current data protection legislation
The new GDPR privacy principles
What is personal data, and how has the GDPR tightened definitions
Data security requirements
Focus on: accountability
Focus on: consent
Focus on: people’s rights to control, access, transfer and delete their data
Focus on: children and vulnerable people
Focus on: profiling
Focus on: privacy impact assessments, and data protection impact assessments.


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