Writing is a core part of everyone’s job, but the results are often frustrating and disappointing: emails go unanswered, tasks go unfilled. Studies show only 10 percent of emails are opened and replied to, and many people end up multitasking their way through meetings and webinars and documents thrown, unread, in the bin. Your message must be clear, concise and compelling to break through the noise. This course opens your eyes to habits that are all too common in the workplace that works against your effectiveness. You will learn tips and tools to effective writing and have a chance to practice them and have them critiqued in a seminar with a professional writer.

This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organisations.
Who is this course for?
Ideal for those:
Working in global teams who must persuade others to take action from other countries and cultures
Seeking to influence high-level executives on strategic initiatives
Who must decrypt and explain complex or technical matters to non-technical professionals
Who should attend?
Professionals who are looking for ways to improve the results of their written communication by getting others to undertake desired goals and actions more consistently and effectively.


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