This comprehensive course is very useful for professionals moving into a more demanding role of supervisory responsibility. The modules herein will equip you with practical ideas, skills, and increased self awareness, areas that we have researched to be crucial to HR Administration Skills.
The skills you will learn at this course will assist you while meeting your business objectives – the goals your organisation sets for you. You will be qualified by this program to display an ability to work productively in an office environment. The skills will help you to build your professional credibility which can lead you to take on more important leadership roles.
The course is very interactive – a combination of practical exercises, group discussions and accelerated learning interventions.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

Identify the core role of HR Administrators within their organization’s Human Resource Framework
Identify and develop competencies required for successful HR Administrators
Distinguish between various types of organizational structures and develop structures using various techniques
Identify the core functions of an HR system and determine business requisites for their organization’s HR system
Develop HR reports using varied types of graphs and templates
List legal documents required to collect and maintain for employees
Develop their organization’s employee handbook


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