Delivered in London, Leeds and Manchester this half day training course starts at £198 (£165 + VAT) and is also available to be delivered in house at your location.

Information governance is one of the greatest challenges any organisation faces. The proper use of personal data means understanding the rights of data subjects and following the Data Protection Act, as well as getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulations and all critically important. Not doing so is one of the quickest ways to suffer financial and reputational loses not quickly undone – and the public and charity sectors have a track record of poor quality systems and decision making often leading to regulatory action.

By taking this course you will benefit from the years of experience and expertise developed by our trainers implementing information governance systems in a range of settings, as well as delivering training to people at all levels.

Designed not only to give you everything you need to know to develop and improve robust risk management systems, this course has been developed after carefully listening to people like you and how they want to learn.

This course covers

-the importance of good information governance;
-how information governance is an enabler, not a barrier to success;
-the legislative framework surrounding data protection;
-about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations;
-the data protection principles and how to apply them;
-key principles and best practice around data security
-the legal routes for data sharing, including approaches to consent;
-how to develop and apply good information governance systems;
-what happens when things go wrong and how to mitigate against this.

Participants will also be encouraged to think of ways they can improve information governance in their organisation and will be supported to apply this following the course if they wish.


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