Managing food safety in any environment can be challenging. Those in a management role in the food sector need to be equipped with the knowledge to communicate safe standards to employees confidently.

These accredited qualifications ensure that managers are aware of the procedures and standards required to make sure that safe food is served at all times and that due diligence is taken.

These qualifications are the most up-to-date available and focus on current and emerging issues relating to microbiology, chemical contamination and food allergens. They are also invaluable for anyone intending to train food safety to levels 2 and 3 and for those thinking of starting a career in food safety enforcement or auditing.

These Ofqual accredited qualifications have been developed specifically for insertion into the Qualifications and Credit Framework with full support from the relevant Sector Skills Councils. These qualifications are therefore fully compliant with industry and regulatory standards as well as being recognised by environmental health practitioners, auditors and other enforcement officers.

The Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering is a qualification aimed at managers working in a food or drink catering environment. The qualification is intended for learners already working in catering, or those who are preparing to work in the industry, and whose job requires them to have some responsibility for food safety. Learners are likely to have management responsibilities for an operational team. This qualification covers the subject of food hygiene at a suitable depth to ensure learners have a thorough knowledge of hazards and controls; its focus is on the importance of developing, implementing and monitoring food safety procedures. Its topics are regarded by the Food Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food.

This accredited qualification maintains the approach to practical and relevant assessment. The catering environment is dynamic and ever changing, requiring a management style capable of dealing with many different situations. The sound theoretical knowledge gained through the qualification allows realistic and safe solutions to be delivered in any catering environment, from choosing safe suppliers to the service of safe food.

The course covers the following subjects:
•Microbiology, food poisoning and foodborne diseases
•Food contamination and its control
•The storage and temperature control of food
•Food spoilage and preservation
•Personal hygiene, training and education of food handlers
•The design and construction of food premises and equipment
•Cleaning, disinfection and pest control
•Monitoring and control of food standards and operations
•Food safety legislation
•Food processing and food safety courses.

This qualification is obtained by taking a 5 day classroom based course andis assessed through a 2-part examination.

• Part one is a 30-question multiple-choice examination.

• Part two is a written examination where learners choose 4 from 6 questions, totalling to a possible 70 marks.

Successful learners must achieve a total of at least 60 marks out of 100 across the two parts of the exam. A Merit will be awarded at 70/100 and a Distinction will be awarded at 80/100. The duration of the examination is 2 ½ hours.

Open courses are inclusive of tuition, examination fees and a course handbook. Free follow up support will also be available from your tutor.


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