By the end of the workshop learners will be able to –

• Identify the main causes of ‘negative/difficult’ behaviour
• Identify a range of processes and skills for handling this behaviour
• Improve their confidence in dealing with these situations
• Action their own Personal Improvement Plan

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed for those who have need to manage challenging, difficult, awkward behaviours in others. Originally designed for those with line management responsibility, the material may be equally beneficial for those who wish to improve their dealings with other internal/external customers.


• Delegate and tutor introductions
• Delegate objectives
• What do we mean by negative behaviour?
– types of
– recognising it in others and ourselves
– how others see you
• What are the possible causes of negative behaviour?
– definition of behaviour
– the ‘Behaviour iceberg’
• Have they always been difficult?
– if so what does this tell you?
– if not what does this tell you?
• Causes of inter-personal/organisational Conflict?
• Processes- cause and effect analysis
• The Key Skills
– effective communication – questioning
– listening – giving feedback
– assertiveness
• Action planning/implementing/monitoring with the employee
• If all else fails?
• Discussion of delegate issues
• Delegate action planning
• Course review and evaluation

Duration: One day


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