Introduction and overview of the basic features of Microsoft Excel. Learn how to create spreadsheets, perform basic calculations, handle simple lists of data, print out formatted sections of the spreadsheet and produce Charts.

Who is it for?

Those looking for an overview of the features of Microsoft Excel


1) Excel Overview:
Ribbon Tabs and Mini toolbars
Office Buttons
Quick Access Toolbars
File formats
Graphic Enhancements
Enhanced Theme Colours
Office Themes and SmartArt

2) Spreadsheet Basics:
Navigation & GoTo
Selecting Cell(s), Column(s), Row(s), Sheet(s)
Data Entry of Text, Numbers, Dates, Fractions,
Pick From List
New, Open, Close & Save Workbooks
New, Copy, Move, Rename & Delete Sheets
Formatting Data, Cell Borders, Colour Options, Alignment, Column Width, Auto Fit
Inserting Cell(s), Row(s), Column(s)
Deleting Cell(s), Row(s), Column(s)
Clearing Data, Formatting
Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Options, Drag & Drop
AutoFill & Custom Lists

3) Calculations and Formulae:
Entering Simple Calculations
AutoSum Functions including:-
Sum, Average, Max, Min
Operators: + – * /
Watch Window

4) Data Lists:
Sorting Options

5) Printing:
Print Preview
Centre options
Page Break view
Print Area

6) Charts:
Creating Charts with Wizard and Keyboard
Basic editing of charts
Resizing, Moving
Colour options
Data changes
Chart types
Printing Charts with or without data
Changing Chart Location

7) Additional Features:
Help, Office Assistant, Tip of the Day
Window Panes
Smart Tags Overview
Sending via Email
Find & Replace

Each of these training courses is a one day course in our new training centre in Croydon, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4.30pm. They include a full day of training with one of our highly experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers and a comprehensive Microsoft training manual. Delegates will also receive a training certificate upon completion of the course. These public training courses is hands on with 3-8 delegates


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