One Day Getting Appointments over the Phone Course in Bury Manchester
Discover how to massively increase the number of face-to-face appointments
The appointment target will change from industry to industry, however, the principle remains that the more appointments you get the more you increase your chances of making a Sale.

Many Sales people are good in front of customers. The problem is they just don’t get in front of enough of them….

Every great strategy starts with the end goal.

– So how many sales do you want to make this year?
– What is your conversion from appointment to order?

By knowing these 2 factors you can work out how many appointments you need make in order to hit target.

Designed to help you gain the skills of successful telephone selling, the course focuses on the master skill of selling appointments – your gateway to the successful sales meeting.
During this course, you will discover how to develop a winning attitude, define your target market and develop a powerful script to get you through to the decision maker.

You will also discover how to identify and handle the following objections:

– I’m too busy
– Put it in the post
– I’m just collecting information
– Leave it with me
– I’m not in the market
– I can’t afford it
– We always use another supplier
– Tell me about it now
– I don’t need it
– You should contact someone lower down
– I’m going on holiday
– How much does it cost?
– You’re too expensive
– You’d be wasting your time

Once you have mastered the contents of this programme you will be able to confidently increase your number of face to face appointments and increase your sales.

One-to-One Personal Development

Delegate numbers are strictly limited on ‘Getting Appointments Over The Phone’ – and that means you are guaranteed to get the personal tuition you need and deserve.

This detailed, intensive one-to-one tuition will make to you more effective at getting those all-important face-to-face deal-making meetings.

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