Pressure vessels, storage tanks, and piping systems together with rotating machinery for fluid transport represent major capital investment in any Oil/Gas Production operation. Good fabrication of these components, based on rigorous material selection is likely to provide long service life of equipment. Material degradation and aging requires application of adequate diagnostic techniques and continuous monitoring. Regular monitoring and inspection techniques can help in providing basis for estimating the health of the existing components of the equipment as well as the overall risk assessment.

The delegates will be introduced to the main points of inspection and testing of storage tanks and piping systems according to the relevant API standards in order to perform the fitness for service (FFS) analysis. The most up-to-date methods of equipment protection methodologies will be presented together with maintenance activities, including necessary repairs as prevention of failures. The training seminar will also cover methodology of the risk assessment and management regarding the overall equipment integrity

The seminar will include several workshops with real problems from industrial practice which will enable discussions and exchange of experiences

The training seminar will feature:

-Safety in operation and maintenance of pressure stationary equipment and pipelines
-Efficient operation, diagnostics and maintenance of rotating equipment
-Material degradation, ageing, and modes of failure
-Diagnostics methods including inspection procedures
-Equipment maintenance best practices
-Repair and revitalization technologies


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