This Course is Designed For:

 Corporate Managers;
 Executive Managers;
 Senior Managers;
 Middle Managers;
 Junior Managers;
 Human Resource Managers;
 Board of Directors;
 Entrepreneurs;
 Supervisors;
 Organisational Development Practitioners;
 Management Graduates;
 Management Lecturers;
 Individuals with a genuine interest in Issues associated with Organisational Management.

Duration: 5 Days


By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:
 Classify formal and social organisations;
 Classify business and non-business organisations;
 Recognise power and authority;
 Extricate social & business objectives;
 Classify internal and external accountability;
 Develop strategies to manage an organisation effectually in stable and turbulent times;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding in carrying out the elements of management;
 Demonstrate their ability to establish an effective co-ordinating mechanism;
 Design a ‘leadership strategy’, which has a high probability of greatly enhancing worker motivation and improving their morale – factors crucial to organisational success;
 Influence their leadership style in such a way that they develop the flexibility to manage their organisations and subsystems effectively, in stable and turbulent times;
 Discuss the key issues in designing effective organisations;
 Establish objectives in designing the mechanism for success;
 Apply effective time management to competitive situations;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding about the importance of delegation in human resource & organisational development;
 Demonstrate a heightened understanding about the importance of communication in the process of delegation;
 Determine the factors that delegates should ascertain before delegating tasks;
 Determine the support that delegatees should give to their delegates during their performance of the specified tasks.

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