Brand your Skilled Self- Be a Leader, not a follower.

The ONLY Course Creating YOU as a Brand

Our online Executive Brand Image course reveals the components of a professional “imprint” and Career Brand Equity trajectory to enable you to maximize the return on investment from your personal brand and professional experiences.

You engage in an informative, interactive and fun course & understand how building a professional image contributes to developing a strong career/business using Integrated Marketing Communication strategies for self-marketing. This course doesn’t just give you the principles, it also lays out for you a step-by-step practice regimen.

This course includes:
Refining the self-management information system for YOUR Brand Image
Self-branding and Power Dressing to social networking and mapping digital footprints
Focusing on own career, decision making process, or the reputation of the organization you work for
Developing and implementing an effective instrument for monitoring your Brand Image communications strategies
Learning to create your Personal Brand Image based business/career trajectory and take complete responsibility for your presence and communication in your professional life.


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