Taking you right through from gym instructor to a fully qualified personal trainer, this course ensures you enter the fitness industry as an awesome trainer and coach.

You will learn how to design exercise programmes from basic to advanced, plan and tailor nutrition for your clients and understand how the human body works and moves.

This course covers theory and practical. One minute you will find yourself covering advanced anatomy and physiology and being amazed at how fascinating the human body really is.

Then, the next minute you will be in the gym learning new exercises and the ideal technique.

You will be covering advanced training systems from strength training to cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. An amazing course with a great social experience throughout as all your fellow students are like minded, fitness enthusiasts just like you.

What will you be doing on your course?

You will be studying lots about the human body, how it works and how best to train it for health and fitness. You will also cover lots about nutrition and how to give professional advice and guidance.

In addition to your theory sessions, you will also enjoy lots of practical sessions whereby you practice all the exercises and advanced training systems you need to learn until you perfect them! You will cover advanced programming for all sorts of training from strength to endurance, speed, power, coordination and much more.

Over the course of your studies, you will sit four theory exams (two for gym instructor and two for personal trainer) that are multiple choice, but still challenging! And you will also undertake two case studies whereby you actually train a client for real and guide them with their nutrition. Finally, you will showcase your expert knowledge in front of an assessor when you deliver one of your personal training sessions to your client.

When you have passed all of this, you can call yourself a Personal Trainer. But not just any trainer, one that has graduated from our academy, meaning you really are the best around.

What will I do when I graduate?

We can get you an interview at a gym or studio local to you or you can work with us depending on current vacancies. If we have trained you, we want to keep you.

Course dates available every 3-4 months,


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