Workshop Title: Persuading and Influencing Skills
Designed For:
Those who need to persuade and influence a range of internal and external customers, in order to achieve their objectives.
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this workshop learners will be able to …
• Plan and conduct effective selling/influencing meetings with a range of customers
• Achieve improved levels of Persuasion, Influence and Presentation
• Understand and use a range of key interpersonal skills
• Increase their confidence and competence in a range of challenging situations
• Produce a Personal Learning log for successful implementation

• Tutor and delegate introductions
• Agreement of contents and style
• Understanding the Communication Cycle and Behaviour
• Presenting a Positive First Impression
• Planning – The Key to Success
• The 3 stages of an effective meeting
• How to present your Ideas
• Using a range of influencing styles
• Handling Objections
• Asking ‘useful’ questions
• So you think you know how to listen?
• Building Empathy and Rapport
• Controlling your Body Language
• Principles for managing challenging conversations
• Introducing Presentation skills
• Completion of Personal Learning Logs
• Workshop review and evaluation

Duration: 1 x full day


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