This two-day course is about identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and change, communicating changes to others and managing the change to produce expected outcomes. Delegates will explore individual reactions to change and how to facilitate individuals through the change curve.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Understand the need for continuous improvement and change
– Implement changes in your area
– Understand the impact of change on individuals and support people through the change process
– Analyse the impact of change on organisational objectives

The drivers of change
The need for change
Identifying opportunities for change

Continuous improvement
The Deming cycle
Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement

Impact of change
Does change = resistance?
Common reactions to change
Managing people through the change curve
Impact of change on organisational objectives

Managing change effectively
Your role in facilitating change
Identifying the ‘wedge’ and ‘magnet’
Communicating the change
Discussion framework for introducing change
Evaluating the impact of changes implemented


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