This half day course takes place at our training venues in London, Leeds and Manchester as well as being available for in-house delivery. Starting from £198 (£165 plus VAT)

Policies form part of the terms and conditions of employment of an organisation’s staff. They need to be carefully written to ensure roles, responsibilities and organisations’ expectations are clear. However, they also need to be accessible, readable and act as a useful reference guide for staff on how to behave.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the development of policies, or the management of an organisation’s suite of policies.

Key learning includes:

– what a policy is and what policies are meant to do;
– the key elements every policy must include;
– how to ensure policies are appropriately developed by subject matter experts and approved through the right process.

Learning will take place through presentation, Q&A sessions, group work, and exploring case studies. Like all our courses you will have access to course and assessment materials on the WuDo Moodle, as well as opportunities to ask follow up questions and access to useful materials including:

– policy and guidance templates;
– template policy trackers.


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