Making a presentation can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident of people. In fact it is listed amongst our ‘Top Ten Fears’, along with spiders, flying – and even death! This very practical 2 day course is ideal for anyone who wants to make presentations that are professional and memorable for all the right reasons.

Who should attend

Inexperienced presenters who wish to develop their skills and become more confident. Also experienced presenters who would like to practise and give more polished performances.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

•Plan and structure a presentation suitable for audience and purpose
•Use techniques for overcoming or coping better with nerves
•Deliver a presentation clearly and with confidence
•Design and use visual aids to best effect
•Handle audience questions and deal with any difficult ‘types’ effectively
•Evaluate training through different methods and maximise transfer of learning

Course Content

•Key features of great presentations
•Importance of setting objectives and targeting the audience properly
•Preparation – techniques for gathering information and ideas
•Survival tips when landed with a presentation at the last minute
•Structuring a presentation using a 3 part approach
•The importance of strong beginnings and endings and how to achieve
•Creating and using notes to support delivery
•Choosing and using visual aids to best effect
•Tips for reducing and coping better with nerves
•Making best use of voice and using positive body language during delivery
•Techniques for handling audience questions
•How to deal with difficult ‘types’ and stay in control
•Practical presentations followed by feedback exchange and coaching
•Personal action notes


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