1 Day Problem Solving & Business Development Course in Bury Manchester
One of the most powerful techniques for problem solving is to Focus on the Problem not the Solution…
Let me explain.

The best way to get a good solution is to have lots of solutions to choose from. Unfortunately, many people bring you a single solution disguised as the problem.

They may say “My problem is I need a kettle.” Only one solution provide a kettle.
If they had said “My problem is that I need to boil water” we could have provided many solutions .

A Manager may say “ My problem is I need More People” Only one solution get more people.
If the Manager had said “ My problem is the people I have cannot do the work with the Skills, Resources and Procedures we have in place” We now have more options available to solve this problem.

We ran a problem solving course for a successful company in Hull. The Distribution Director ‘s opening statement
was this “My problem is I need a new warehouse “ You can see this is not his problem, it’s what he believes to be his single solution.

We solved the problem by re-designing his warehouse, installing high lift, narrow-isle trucks and introducing stock rotation systems.

The result was a 42% increase in storage space, a 20% increase in efficiency and a saving of £2 million on the original solution of a new warehouse.

There are many steps to problem solving but the most important is to Clearly Identify the problem.

Next time a person comes to you with a problem, ask yourself has the this person given me the problem or have they given me what they believe to be the solution.

Business is about solving problems, be it customer problems, design, manufacturing, distribution, people, sales, finance or whatever. Every day in business you need to have a way of clearly identifying the real problems getting to the root cause and providing long term solutions.

Steps to Problem Solving

Define the real problem
Gather Information – You will learn how to gather the correct information and distinguish between fact and opinion.

Define the Cause – Problems are like icebergs – we often only see what’s on the surface. Discover how to get to the root cause of the problem

Create Options – We will help you generate a wide variety of innovative ways for you to develop stronger solutions.

Develop Selection Criteria – During this programme you will be learn how to test your ideas against clear decision criteria.

Make the Decision – We will help you decide what to do, how to do it, when to do it, who will do it and when it will be completed.

The importance of Monitoring – What gets monitored gets done.

When to Celebrate – At the end of this one day course you will have clearly defined the barriers to success in your organisation, explored solutions and developed an action plan for continuous improvement.

One-to-One Personal Development
Delegate numbers are strictly limited on ‘Problem Solving & Business Development’ – and that means you are guaranteed to get the personal tuition you need and deserve. This detailed, intensive one-to-one tuition will lead to you becoming a more intuitive and effective solutions provider.

Places on the ‘Problem Solving & Business Development’ programme are limited to ten delegates. To guarantee your place on this powerful programme book now!

Bring your problems and let’s see if we can turn them into solutions.

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“It worked for me” Delegate feed back from our Problem Solving and Business Development Course

But, don’t just take our word for it, these are quotes from previous delegates:

“Good course – helped break down and analyse problems more clearly” K Wilson, SEBD

“Really enjoyed it – particularly the focus on solutions” H Connor

“Thoroughly enjoyable and interactive. Much valuable and relevant information, which should have an immediate impact.” C Bird, Answering4U

“Excellent Course – Extremely Useful and Productive” David Edmonds & Bill Davies, Carrier Rental Systems

“Will definitely ACTION the solutions” Christina Stubley, Bulldog Hotel Group.

“Very Good Course” Lee Townsend, Newburgh Engineering

“Very useful tools to look at problems & different ways to find the solution. Very enjoyable. Mary Ahern Alkemygold Ltd.


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