A Personal Assistant takes responsibility for much of the organisation and coordination of an office. It is a task which calls for excellent planning skills, the ability to solve problems, tact, discretion and very effective communication skills. A good PA makes an enormous contribution to effectiveness and requires numerous professional skills to be successful in this role.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

• Understand what is involved in their role of a Personal Assistant
• Gain essential skills in communication, delegation and motivation.


Course objectives and introductions

The Personal Assistants Role
• Developing the right image
• Characteristics of a Personal Assistant
• Gaining confidence and esteem

PA’s Communication Skills
• Listening Skills
• Giving and receiving instructions
• How to say ”No” positively
• Dealing with interruptions

Taking on more challenging and responsible activities
• Decision Making
• Pro-active Problem Solving
• Prioritising and Goal setting
• Delegation
• Planning

Motivation and Delegation
• What motivates you?
• When and how to delegate
• Being a Team Leader
• Assessing your team qualities

Who should attend?
This course would ideally suit those currently working as a PA (Personal Assistant), or an Executive Secretary. It would also be beneficial for staff looking for promotion from an administrative role up to a more senior level.


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