Report writing is an essential skill for both the individual and the business. Providing clear and concise reports can do a lot for the image and reputation of the company as well as provide better communication, internally and externally.

By the end of the course participants will:

• Adopt a systematic approach to writing reports
• Organise written material into a logical and clear structure
• Write reports which create impact and reflect the principles of good business writing
• Use available resources to maximise the presentation of their report


Course objectives and introductions

What is a report?
• Understanding what constitutes a report
• Identifying the barriers to report writing as experienced by writers and readers

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
• Use of function statements
• How to pitch a report effectively
• Checklists of considerations for timescales and destination of the report
• Gathering and organising information
• Terms of reference
• Use of pattern planning and Column Plans

Structuring the report
An examination of how to give a report shape
• an internal structure
• an external structure

Style & Language principles
• Style and language appropriate for the reader
• How to reference correctly
• Adoption of the principles of accuracy, brevity and clarity
• Grammar and punctuation to guide the reader and influence style

• Use of illustrations
• Notation and page numbers
• Drafting, editing and polishing

• A checklist of items to proof-read

Who should attend?
This report writing training course is aimed at people who are new to report writing or who need to improve and develop their skills in business report writing.


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