Many sales people make fundamental errors in presenting to customers. Firstly, they typically present too early in the sales process and therefore use their language to present all about their company and their product. The problem with this is that it assumes that the customer is interested. Without establishing the customer’s needs first, most presentations will fail in their objective. Secondly, most presentations fail to make an impression and don’t provide the customer with the information that they need.

Our sales presentation skills training covers both the timing of the presentation – after a proposal has been made to the customer so as to provide the proof that the product can do everything that has been claimed – and the content of the presentation – how to gain and maintain the customer’s attention and to structure the presentation so that the information provided is remembered.

In this training, everyone gets the opportunity to make a number of presentations, each of which is videoed to allow participants to review their own performance. Feedback is also provided on presentation style although we believe that everyone has their own style and that it is important to embrace that rather than try to force an unnatural behaviour on anyone.


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