This collection of six practical ISM endorsed eLearning courses and simulations will transform your sales performance and results.

Learn at your own pace – on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Duration: 9 hours (90 minutes per course)
Price: £359.00 ex vat


You have targets to achieve, new accounts to win, decision-makers to meet, products to sell and competitors to beat. But do you have the skills to get the results you want? Are you making the most of opportunities? Our expert-designed sales skills courses provide you with the tools and methods to deliver the outcomes you deserve, and you can do them as and when you want.

The Solution:

Developed from decades of experience, TLSA’s online sales skills courses will arm you with all the skills you need to achieve barrier-breaking results. You will win the confidence and commitment of your customers, making the most of every opportunity, and will gain the competitive edge that you need.

Our online sales skills series is a package of six interactive courses that can also be purchased individually. All the essential sales skills are covered: from securing appointments to closing the sale.

Each course progresses step-by-step. At the end of each one, you have the opportunity to practise your learning in a sales simulation, which:

Challenges you to achieve specific goals
Accelerates your learning in a virtual B2B environment
Provides honest feedback and scoring

Who are these courses for?

With a focus on core B2B sales skills, these courses are designed for busy people who:

Need to sell products and services
Are new to sales
Want to master new selling techniques
Want to boost their confidence and refresh skills
Want to learn at a time and pace that suits them
What will you gain from these courses?

You will gain the sales skills to:

Implement a foolproof B2B appointment-setting process
Develop a deep understanding of your customers’ needs through effective questioning techniques
Create persuasive pitches that make customers want to buy
Overcome objections using a structured approach
Apply effective closing techniques in long and short sales cycles
Address the challenges you are likely to face in a business to business selling role

What will your organisation gain from these courses?

Increased sales performance and revenue
Improved critical thinking and decision-making skills
Professional B2B sales knowledge and skills
A more confident, dynamic sales team
What do these courses cover?

These courses are specifically designed to help you deal with major challenges that you face in your role.

B2B Appointment Setting: master the skill of securing appointments with key decision-makers
Effective Questioning Techniques: know the right questions to ask and develop the listening skills to bond with your customers
Advanced Questioning Techniques: manage in-depth conversations to fully understand your customers more than anyone else
Selling Features and Benefits: convert benefits into advantages that make your customers want to buy
Closing Techniques: close the deal, secure the next meeting and smoothly progress the sale
Overcoming Objections: develop the confidence and tactics to deal with any objection

Course Features:

6 interactive courses
Each with a sales simulation
Certificates of completion
Downloadable digital resources including personal action plan and templates
Personal record with correct answers to quizzes and your completed exercises
Pause or resume at any time

Sales Simulation:

Our eLearning courses include unique simulations to make sure you retain all the newly-learned information in each course. Once you have completed each eLearning course, an interactive simulation provides the opportunity for you to practice your newly learned skills.

The simulation is like a game: you have personal objectives to meet, and have challenges to overcome. Once you complete it, you will be scored for each key skill, plus feedback on each decision you make.

Our carefully-crafted simulations provide the opportunity for you to practise new skills before trying them out with your own customers.


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