SDM Course Overview in brief:

Defining strategic requirements – plan for the strategic development of the service desk within an organisation’s overall business goals

Developing a strategic role – define the strategies and techniques for a successful support operation that is integrated with the organisation’s overall business goals

Essential management skills – examine key commercial management skills including integrating IT services, business cases, financial management, strategic responsibilities, defining processes and procedures, gap analysis, project management, behaviours and communication

Integrating the service desk – identify the need for relationship and network building, contribute to IT and business objectives, continual improvement and assessing the best sourcing option

Promoting the service desk – plan the promotional objectives, strategies and tactics for the service desk

Quality assurance activities – review QA programmes and practices including satisfaction surveys, benchmarking, monitoring methods, service delivery models and resource management

Effective management of tools and technologies – review and evaluate the service desk technology market, ACD and CTI, service delivery communication channels, self-service and self-healing

Staff recruitment, retention and development – examine effective recruitment programmes, core skills, staff development, effective relationships with teams and individuals

Motivation – establish reward and recognition strategies, employee and customer satisfaction programmes, performance management, staff motivation, work environment

Leadership and management – discover how to be an effective leader and manager, improve your professional development, and hone teamwork, coaching, mentoring and stress management skills
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