This is What is Included in this 8 Online Module Course

8 core modules and initially 3 optional modules, Private Facebook Group and loads of videos, resources and practical help together with accountability call options you can add on! You access all the modules via our Online Learning Centre, so can play the videos on the move or listen to the podcast version whilst in the car or at the gym, walking the dog or sitting in the garden.

1 – Your core values, your brand and rising about the crowd together with who am I trying to reach. We call this why and who. These two sit at the core of everything you do in marketing so we get clear on those right from the start. It’s how you are seen and what’s special about you so we get down and dirty into that.

2 – Twitter masterclass, hashtags, search, automatic posting, engagement and some real case studies so you can see how it worked for other small and sole owner businesses.

3 – Building an email list and how to care for it. Email titles, short and long form copy, measuring the data and how to build a list that works for your business- get inside information on the stuff you need to know and a behind the scenes look at some of the big names in email automation.

4 – Facebook and how to make it work for you, video results, text and image adverts, engagement, free traffic and more.

5 –Business blogging – the long game, SEO, ideas and curation, how to get business via blogging and what time scale you should expect to invest in – yes, we know, it’s graft!

6 – Tools for sales, CRMs, automation, whiteboards and apps, we show you our favourites and give you the skinny on what will work for you and how to use free and low cost tools to make things work in your business.

7 – Landing pages and snappy content, how to build them easily and without fuss. Our aim is to get you thinking and doing not getting stalled up in learning loads of new stuff. We give you some tips and tricks here to get you moving fast.

8 – How to build traffic for £1 a day whilst all your social media, blogging and other stuff is getting up and running.

Optional Modules are Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are available so you can bolt on the platform option of your choice as needed, depending on your business and what you are selling and who you need to reach. These optional modules go deep into the core of the platform, showing you how it works, brilliant examples and, most importantly, how it can work for you.


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