Successful organisations are able to attract and retain skilled and talented people. This two-day course will look at how to design an effective talent management strategy for retaining talented employees and for motivating and engaging them to achieve a higher level of performance and productivity.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

 Plan human resource requirements to meet strategic objectives
 Understand the links between employee engagement and retention
 Understand the succession planning process


Planning Human Resources:
Analysing strategic objectives
Processes for recruitment and selection

Legal requirements:
Recruitment and selection
Disciplinary processes
Grievance processes
The role of ACAS and Employment Tribunals

Retention strategy:
Organisational culture – managing and motivating in the 21st Century
Why do people leave?
Tools/ processes to manage retention
Identifying retention risks
Conducting retention interviews
Employee engagement
Motivating the different generations

Succession planning:
Succession planning process
Identifying performance and potential
Development solutions


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