When: Tuesday 17 March 2015, 10am to 1.30pm

Do you get the best out of others at work?
Do others easily buy-in to your ideas?
Are you recognised the go-to person?

The first part of any workshop or course is always around :

– Mindset
– Desire
– Personal Choice
– Impact of Choice

Understanding your thinking and change your willing to make, will make the difference to how you implement and adapt to your new approach.

This workshop looks at:

– Self awareness and how you think you may be perceived from others

– The benefits of building good relationships at work

– How you can build good relationships

– Recognising that everyone is different and how to adapt your behaviour accordingly

– Communicating in an Adult way to gain buy-in and credibility from others

If you would prefer one to one coaching so that you can be supported throughout a number of different challenges, please email: Victoria@coaching4results.org.uk


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