This powerful Sales Training Programme is the result of over twenty five years of working with outstanding Sales Professionals across a wide range of industries, selling every conceivable product and service.

This two day Sales Training course will give you the confidence to sell at any level. We teach practical skills which are proven methods of increasing sales and profits. We will take you step by step through the sales cycle and teach you the psychology of selling.

Our fast moving, information packed course will offer you a highly interactive experience with information you can apply to your specific product, service or industry.

If you want to increase your Sales You need the very best Sales Training you can get.

Do you know why do 20% of Sales People get 80% off the Business?

Because they know that hope is not a strategy.

Great Sales People know that luck is when preparation is meets opportunity.

That’s why great salespeople do their preparation then go out and create the opportunity.

At MLP Training we have spent over 25 years developing the very best Sales Training to enable you to become truly outstanding as a professional Sales Person.

Our job is to give you the skills to be the best in your business.
We are Celebrating over 25 years of providing this Great Sales Training programme.

Now you can:-
Become an outstanding Sales Professional
Open more doors
Close more Sales
Grow your Customer Base
Increase your Earnings
Increases your standing in the organisation and Accelerate your career as a Sales Professional

Location: Bolholt Country Park Hotel, Bury, Manchester

Duration: 2 days

The most powerful Sales Training Programme you will ever attend.The only thing missing is YOU.

Now you can Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of dynamic, successful selling. Understand the essential psychology of the sales process. Find new business! Close more deals! Make higher value sales!

During this course you will cover:
The Importance of Keeping today’s Customers.
Finding New Customers
Non-Verbal Communication
How to Sell Yourself
Why People Buy
Questioning Skills
Identification of Need
Building a Desire
Match the Desire to the Product
Powerful Presentations
Gaining Commitment
Turning Quotations into Orders
Handling The Price
Closing the Sale
Follow up
You can book online or call 01204 888826.
Hope you can join us.


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