Half day training course delivered at our venues in London, Leeds and Manchester or available to be delivered in house. Starting from £198 (£165 plus VAT).

The importance of staff speaking up early and honestly about issues of concern is well understood. However, often organisations struggle to respond properly to people whistleblowing; and to develop systems that encourage them to speak up before problems grow to significant proportions.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in supporting whistleblowers and developing and implementing effective whistleblowing systems.

You will learn:

– the importance of effective systems that encourage staff to raise concerns;
– the place of whistleblowing in effective organisational listening;
– the legal protections afforded to whistleblowers;
– approaches to communicating with staff about the importance of raising concerns.

Learning will take place through presentation, Q&A sessions, group work, and exploring case studies. Like all our courses you will have access to course and assessment materials on the WuDo Moodle, as well as opportunities to ask follow up questions and access to useful materials.


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