When we are “out of Europe” we will need to be incredibly competitive to survive. Customers want things faster, cheaper and at ever higher quality. Come to this course to find out how to make your supply chain more productive and more responsive.

Come to this workshop to find out how to deliver 98 % to request and 100 % to promise, without spending your life firefighting to meet your customer requirements, while struggling with spreadsheets.

Delegates will learn how to :

  • Forecast and manage demand
  • Become Demand Driven
  • Master Schedule and use Material Requirements Planning and Capacity Requirements Planning to create a valid plan, and stay in control
  • Get rid of spreadsheets and use the ERP system
  • Make sure all data is > 98 % accurate
  • Execute the plan for factories and suppliers on a daily basis cost effectively
  • Use Lean and Six Sigma tools to reduce cost and improve quality and increase agility
  • Reduce inventory by setting all parameters correctly
  • To put in place the right performance measures to drive the right behaviours


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